Our farm

Smith Family

Smith Family Farms delivers craft butchery and quality meats to Northwest Louisiana! We are passionate about meats and committed to serving our region. Providing pasture-based, locally-raised, locally-finished meats to consumers and chefs, Smith Family Farms is both farmer and butcher.

The farm naturally raises cows, sheep, and pigs—no added hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics–and works with other local farmers who do the same to insure fresh meats for the Shreveport area. Ours is a family farm: We know and care for our animals as individuals.

Processing meats under Louisiana Department of Agriculture inspection in downtown Shreveport, Smith Family Farms dry ages the beef and cuts up whole animals for greatest utilization. At 1200 Marshall Street, home cooks and chefs can learn, order, and pick up cuts of beef, lamb, and pork—fresh.

Smith Family Farms provides to consumers quality and service with responsible pricing!

the experts

Our Team

Craig Smith started the farm in 2009 and recognized the essential move into inspected processing: His vision is realized in the Marshall Street processing plant. Jackson McConnico joined the team in 2017 to provide the business analytics as well as the essential manpower to see the vision through. The entire family contributes to the success of both farm and processing.